Adres: Lucien Road 23
Postcode: SW19 8EL
Plaats: London
Provincie: England
Land: The Netherlands
Telefoon: 0044-794861251

Welcome to KAYA jewellery! We make jewellery to remember special moments like the birth of your baby, her baptism, birthday, communion or for the little bridesmaid.

We create personalised pearl jewellery designed for your special occasion, destined to become part of your family's heritage, treasured mementos for years to come. A children's bracelet on her cute little wrist adds something memorable to your special day, then becomes a treasure to cherish forever. And for an extra special touch: a lot of our jewellery is also available in a mummy version, so mother and daughter can shine together.

All our jewellery is made of the finest quality pearls, crystals and gemstones. We don't hire a studio or advertise and we make & design everything ourselves, so our prices are lower than other jewellery brands. Your gift is packaged with a luxury silver polishing cloth and matching greeting card, ready to give!

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Published on: 21/03/2017
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