KiyOh International BV is committed to protect the personal environment of the respondents. KiyOh International BV will strife to protect personal data as much as possible. KiyOh International BV will take measures to prevent against loss, change or abuse to guarantee the safety of your data as much as possible. KiyOh International BV respects your privacy concerning the goals and intention with which your personal data is gathered, and follows the rules of the DPA (Dutch Data Protection Authority) and other privacy laws.
KiyOh International BV registers the data which you fill in yourself when you submit a review. When you submit a review, certain personal data is asked of you, which serves as feedback to the company you review. Examples of data which KiyOh International BV might ask are, name, e-mail address etc. but also profile information, like which services you used, or products you bought. As such the IP address of your computer will be registered, so that we can check that there are no multiple reviews being filled in from your computer. 
Your personal data will only be used to register your review, to publish your review, or to contact you to improve the service which was given to you.
With the given information, (potential) costumers can be informed about your experience with the company by visiting their website. Your information makes it possible for (potential) clients to make better choices. Your review will serve as feedback to the company you reviewed, and will be published on the website(s) of the company, or on the website(s) of the companies which it involves or via one of our partners. If we share your personal data with partners, we will oblige them to use them only for these purposes.
KiyOh International BV will not use your personal data for other purposes, and as such will not sell them to third parties who want to use these for their own commercial goals other than described here. The company you review and uses this tool has its own privacy policy. We maintain the right to change this privacy policy when there is need for such a change, e.g. changes in the company, law or administration of justice. Changes made in this privacy policy will be announced strictly by a change in this policy and website. 
For questions and/or remarks about our privacy policy, or regarding our use of personal data, or requests to remove or change your personal data, you can e-mail to info@kiyoh.nl, quoting ‘privacy’.

This application has been made with great care. However, KiyOh International BV cannot rule out any inaccuracies. Usage of this tool is at the risk of the user. KiyOh International BV and/or third parties are in no way liable and cannot be held accountable in any way whatsoever, for any damage that is a cause of using the tool and/or the content of the reviews or the gained information. It is not permitted to use this information in other media, or spread it through other media without explicit permission of KiyOh International BV.

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