Adress: Zomerhofstraat 71
Zipcode: 3055 CV
Location: Rotterdam
Country: The Netherlands
Phone/Email: 020 33180471

EasyCollage lets you make the most beautiful
photo collages on canvas or poster in a snap.

Choose one of our wonderful designs with which you can easily turn your favourite photos into a unique photo collage.

You can select any of the various basic designs or opt for one of the several unique collage designs which have been created especially for EasyCollage.

We collaborate with various talented designers. Check out our selection of designs and choose your favourite!

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They DO NOT print onto acrylic as their advertising suggests. They just print onto photographic paper and mount it behind a thin sheet of acrylic. Their invisible suspension system is nothing special, it's invisible because it's behind photographic paper which is not transparent, hence you can't see the very simple bit of plastic that can be hung onto a nail in the wall. If you want something printed onto acrylic, as in the sort of thing that allows light through the picture to make it look bright and vibrant, then do not use this company.

Published on: 08/12/2018
Recommendation: No