How does the KiyOh-Tool work?

Companies can invite their customers to rate and review their company. The KiyOh-Tool easily sends an email invite to your customers (manual or automatic). The email invite is sent with your company name and from your company email. Customers recognize your email and are more willing to write a review. The email invite contains a personal and secure link for  each customer. Your customer can rate and review your company with just a few clicks. Companies receive a message via email when a new review is completed. The only thing that a company needs to do is enter the customer email. This can be done manual or can be fully automated.

What happens with a negative rating/review?
A negative review (below 3 stars) will be published after 14 days. Of course you will immediately receive an email alert and you are able to see this review in your business account. Within these 14 days you are able to contact the customer and, for example, solve the complaint or give an explanation. After this, the customer can change his review to a higher rating. 


I have a (first) review, but it is not published in the widget on my website? It says 'N.A.' in the score box or the average score in the Widget is not updated? How can that be?

The information in the Widget is updated every 24 hours. Is the review still not updated? Please contact us. 

Can I collect reviews automatically?

Yes, you can! We have several automated solutions. If your online shop is affiliated with one of our partners you can set the automated review collection in your own CMS. When this is not the case, please contact us (info@kiyoh.com) and we will send you a script or you can try our Easy Invite Link which you can integrate in your own email template. 


Can companies show the reviews on their own website?

Yes. Companies can place the KiyOh Widget on their website (3 formats). Look at 'publish' in your business account.

Should I invite all my clients continuously for a review?

The best you can do is to invite all your customers. That is the only way to collect an objective rating and identify unsatisfied customers immediatly. An unsatisfied customer spreads his bad experience much more often than a satisfied customer. So you better know it first, before it is spread over the internet. 

Can I integrate customer reviews into my website (good for SEO)?
Yes this is possible. Kiyoh offers xml-feeds to integrate reviewcontent into your website.


What is the right time to ask a customer review?

Usually you request a review immediately after an order is delivered. A few days afters a customer received his order is the best time. Don't wait too long, because a customer might forget you and is no longer willing to review your company anymore.


May frequent customers review everytime?

Returning customers can leave a review once a month.


What response rate can I expect?

The response rate differs widely (between 20% and 80%). It is very different by sector, but is still very high. Timing is also essential. When you wait too long, the chance you will get a review are lower. 


Do I have to make a survey? Or can I change the survey?

You do not need to create a survey. It is 'plug and play'. 


Do I need to have knowledge of market research?

No! KiyOh.nl is so simple and automated in use that anyone can do this. The system is user friendly and well organized. We have automated as much as possible, so the only thing you need is the email of your customer. 

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