What have reviews brought for BiBo Fashion..

Luut, owner of BiBo Fashion has had a webshop for years and talks about his experience with collecting reviews. What exactly do reviews bring for your business and what if there are negative ones? Does it really improve your findability and how do you get the customers to actually write a review? These are questions Luut likes to talk about.

Six months after setting up his company Luut started collecting reviews. At this moment, BiBo Fashion is rated with a 9,7. This is a great score where the entrepreneur is obviously very proud of. How he previously found it difficult to see the added value of the reviews, so enthusiastic he can tell about it now. What won him over? “The positivity of people […] I also got a lot of satisfaction from it, the more reviews, the more satisfaction.”.  At the moment, the results greatly encourage the owner of BiBo Fashion to keep getting high scores.

Luut understands the fear of negativity from customers. This can be scary, but “you have to take your time with it”. He sees it as a missed opportunity not to start collecting reviews because of this fear. In fact, negative reviews also present opportunities. The entrepreneur always calls up the customer with a negative experience and asks the open question: “How can I solve it with you?”. This way a negative review can be removed or even converted to a positive one. Even if it cannot be solved, Luut knows how to react to it. He responds appropriately and shows his (potential) customers: “this is the other side of the story”.

Since the reviews have started to increase, the owner of BiBo Fashion notices that he is also placed higher within the results of the search engines. “If you search for me, I am simply higher in the search engine because of the number of reviews. They put me above another colleague who, for example, has the same brand as me”. This obviously has a positive effect on the findability and also your traffic and purchases. Luut himself is also more easily persuaded to order somewhere if there are (good) reviews to be seen.

Other shop owners sometimes ask around what could be improved about their online store. When Luut is asked this question he answers it first with: “start with reviews”. To get customers to actually fill in the reviews Luut drops that in his case this is mainly achieved by the favor factor. As a personal thank you he sends a handwritten card with every order. This personal approach surprises the customer and is just that extra step which makes them more likely to leave a review. As a tip Luut wants to give in conclusion: “make it personal, that is success!”.


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